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Universal Systems' Key Features


The entire system is menu driven and requires minimal systems operation knowledge. Standardization has been widely used in the design of the system. Users can find consistency in screen layouts, report layouts, function keys and terminology. The systems also provide generic key search and windowing feature to relieve the users from the pain of memorizing all the codes and document numbers.


Parameters have been widely used in the system to allow general users without the technical know-how to tailor the system according to their unique requirements. Parameters are also used for validations and as default values in data entry so as to reduce data entry efforts and errors. Examples include standard codes such as country maintained; default trading currency, delivery terms, payment terms, address, unit of measure, shipping marks, etc. can be defined for each customer/supplier.


In a multi-company environment, users are allowed to define what kind of data are to be shared among group companies and what kind of data are to be maintained separately for each individual company. The modular design enables the users to acquire a combination of modules best suit their requirements . Information captured in one module can be cross-referenced in or carried forward to related modules. For example, purchase orders and sales invoices can be generated automatically based on the information captured in the sales orders. A many-to-many relationship can be established between sales orders and purchase orders, sales orders and sales invoices, or between purchase orders and goods receive notes. Default costing method can be FIFO or Weighted Average and users are allowed to select particular lots for cost calculations. Generators are available for quotation sheets, shipping orders and financial statements production.


Apart from the security provided by the OS/400 Operating System, users are equipped with the means to define the security measures to each individual user on a modular or functional level basis.

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